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8.29 Employee Assistance Program

Amberley O.S.H.C. acknowledges that educators may from time to time need emotional or psychological support. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will be accessed and made available to employees when/as the need for counselling arises. This service will be free, professional and confidential for employees.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Family and Child Commission Act 2014
  • Relevant Awards including:
    • Children’s Services Award 2010
    • Parents and Citizens Associations Award – State 2016
    • Education Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2010
  • Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 and Regulations 2011
  • NQS Area: 4.2.1; 7.1; 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.3, 7.3.5.
  • Policies: 1 – Role and Expectations of Educators, 8.3 – Recruitment and Employment of Educators, 8.21 – Employee Retention Policy, 10.1 – Quality Compliance, 10.5 – Approval Requirements under Legislation, 10.6 – Service Supervisor Certificate Policy, 10.8 – Information Handling (Privacy and Confidentiality).


Professional counselling from the designated Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will be sought to assist staff members through both personal and work related problems, including:

  • Work pressure issues;
  • Emotional stress, anxiety, conflict, tension, and depression;
  • Separation, divorce, or relationship difficulties;
  • Child and family issues;
  • Personal trauma;
  • Grief and bereavement;
  • Health and lifestyle issues (including drugs, alcohol and gambling); and
  • Financial and legal referral.

All support will be provided by qualified, experienced professionals with extensive training in counselling and workplace consulting.

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