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7.7 Unauthorised Persons On Site

We shall effectively manage any circumstance where an individual has entered Amberley OSHC and has not followed established visitor procedures, regardless of whether the person may or may not be a safety hazard to the children and staff..

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:


Any member of staff who observes an individual in Amberley OSHC who appears suspicious or out-of-place should approach the individual (if safe to do so), ask their name and purpose in Amberley OSHC or contact the Nominated/Certified Supervisor for assistance.

The person approaching the suspicious individual must determine if the person poses a safety hazard or just needs to be made aware of the procedures in place for visiting Amberley OSHC.

While determining the status of a visitor, every effort must be made to ensure children in our care are safe, feeling secure where possible, continuing to be engaged in their current activities.

If need be, children shall be given reassurances as to their own and others safety and well-being.

Legitimate Visitor

  • Identify the person and determine their purpose or need for being in Amberley OSHC;
  • Escort the person to the office or Nominated/Certified Supervisor and have them check in as a visitor;
  • Ensure they are aware of the procedures in place for visiting Amberley OSHC for future reference;
  • Staff shall call the Nominated/Certified Supervisor and wait until another member of staff can come to relieve them, if safety/supervision issues do not permit them to leave the room;
  • The Nominated/Certified Supervisor shall review security to determine how the intruder gained entry.

Intruder Who May Pose A Risk

  • Politely greet intruder, identify yourself and ask purpose of the visit to Amberley OSHC;
  • Ask a colleague to observe your approach to the intruder;
  • Explain that all visitors must report to the office on arrival;
  • If safe to do so, escort the person to the office;
  • Depending on the circumstances and the demeanour of the intruder, the Nominated/Certified Supervisor will make every effort to call the Police to report the incident;
  • If the intruder appears agitated, irrational or refuses to leave the building in a peaceful manner, the Nominated/Certified Supervisor shall endeavour to calm the person by talking in a low calming reassuring voice whilst trying to gain the attention of a colleague to call the Police;
  • If the Police are called and the individual leaves or attempts to leave prior to the Police arriving, do not attempt to physically detain or restrain the person;
  • Contact the police to inform the responding officers that the individual has left the building, the direction and means of transport;
  • Of the individual stays until the Police arrive, inform the officers what has happened and hand the matter over to them;
  • Review security immediately;
  • Log incident and actions as soon as possible;
  • If need be, staff and children shall be given reassurances as to their own and others safety and well-being.

Intruder Who May Be Armed Or Is Threatening

  • Alert all staff members;
  • Contact the Police immediately;
  • Give the Police all the information regarding location of the intruder, a physical and clothing description and the weapon(s) involved;
  • Advise the Police of what you are doing to ensure the safety of the children and other staff members;
  • Remain on the line until the Police advise you to hang up;
  • Monitor the location of the intruder until the Police arrive;
  • Unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent harm to a child or staff member, the intruder should not be confronted;
  • If it is necessary to confront the intruder, take a colleague with you;
  • Determine who will initiate contact with the intruder and who will be the backup person;
  • Both staff members should break off contact and leave when it is safe to do so;
  • Every effort should be made to attempt to direct the intruder to the main officer or away from areas occupied by the children;
  • Use casual conversation or body language to calmly direct the situation;
  • If the intruder shows a weapon, assure him/her that it is not necessary for him/her to consider using the weapon.
  • Back away slowly and leave the area;
  • Both of your hands should be up with your palms facing the intruder while slowly backing away;
  • Remain calm; do not attempt to disarm the person;
  • Once the Police arrive provide them with the following information:
    • Location of intruder;
    • Description of intruder;
    • Any known weapons;
    • Any statements made by the intruder.
  • Be prepared to keep media, parents and other community members out of Amberley OSHC. The Police will secure the building;
  • All other staff members and official visitors should remain in their designated area/room with the children unless otherwise directed;
  • Review security immediately;
  • Log incident and actions as soon as possible;
  • If needs be, staff and children shall be given reassurances as to their own and others safety and well-being.
Reviewed 6 April 2015

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