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6.10 Occupancy Agreement

Amberley O.S.H.C. must obtain permission to occupy a premises (if not owned by the Approved Provider) for the purpose of conducting a centre-based care service (OSHC) approved under the Education and Care Services National Law Act (2010) and Regulation (2011).

 Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act (2010) and Regulation (2011)
  • NQS Area: 7
  • Policies: 6.1 – Space and Facilities Requirement, 6.4 – Shared Facilities


The Approved Provider will demonstrate a right to occupy a premises for the provision of an approved centre-based service (service for school aged children).

The occupancy permit, lease or other agreement shall be in an appropriate format given the context of the relationship between the landlord and the occupant.  For example, License to Occupy School for Provision of OSHC 6.10.1

The occupancy permit shall be reviewed regularly to ensure the obligations of both parties are being appropriately met and that the agreement is current and valid.

Added 2 May 2017

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