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8.3 Recruitment and Employment of Educators

Amberley OSHC strives to follow its transparent processes to employ educators who are qualified and appropriate for the position.  Amberley OSHC also strives to be an equal opportunity employer. To ensure the best possible outcomes through the recruitment and selection process, it is essential to implement practices and procedures to ensure suitable candidates for positions are employed.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 and Regulations 2011
  • Family and Child Commission Act 2014
  • Child Care Industry Award – State 2003 (for services operated by P&C Associations)
  • Children’s Services Award 2010 (for services not operated by P&C Associations)
  • Fair Work Act 2009 and National Employment Standards (for services not operated by P&C Associations)
  • Duty of Care
  • NQS Area: 4.1; 4.2.1; 7.1; 7.2.1; 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.5. 
  • Policies: 2.3 – Educator Ratios, 3.3 – Educators Practice, 8.1 – Role and Expectations of Educators, 8.2 – Educational Leader, 8.10 – Employee Orientation and Induction, 10.1 – Quality Compliance, 10.5 – Approval Requirements under Legislation.



‘Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)’:  is ensuring that all employees are given equal access to promotion, appointment or other employment related issues without regard to any factor not related to their competency and ability to perform their duties.

‘Discrimination’:  is treating an individual with a particular attribute less favourably than an individual without that attribute or with a different attribute under similar circumstances.  It can also be seeking to impose a condition or requirement on a person with an attribute who does not or cannot comply while people without that attribute do or can comply.

Service Responsibilities

Application of this policy complies with relevant legislation and is designed to facilitate the creation of a workplace culture that maximises performance through employment decisions.  Employment decisions are based on real business needs without regard to non-relevant criteria or distinctions and will ensure that all decisions relating to employment issues are based on merit.

Every potential applicant/employee will be given a fair and equitable chance to compete for appointment, promotion or transfer and to pursue their career as effectively as anyone else at Amberley O.S.H.C.  Consistent with this, Amberley O.S.H.C will not condone and will regard as unfair, any form of unlawful discrimination or vilification including (but not limited to) that which relates to:

  • Marital/domestic status, family responsibilities;
  • Disability or physical features;
  • Race, colour;
  • Religious belief or activity;
  • Gender and/or sexual persuasion;
  • Medical record.

Vacant permanent part-time positions may be offered internally if the Approved Provider (or OSHC Management Committee) in conjunction with the Nominated Supervisor feel there is a suitable candidate.  All decisions relating to promotion and career development will be made without regards to any matters other than the individual’s inherent capacity and ability to carry out the position including their performance history.

If there are no suitable candidates for internal appointment, the position will be advertised through appropriate agencies or sources including:

  • Local and district newspapers;
  • Appropriate websites including student employment via tertiary institutions;
  • School newsletters.

Suitable advertisements should include a description of the position, hours/days required, personal/ professional attributes and appropriate qualifications, closing date for applications and service address.  Written applications should include a cover letter, resume and selection criteria where appropriate.  (Particularly in relation to the recruitment of permanent positions such as the Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and other positions as applicable.)

A letter confirming receipt of applications received on or before the due date shall be sent to all applicants.

Applications received by the due date shall be reviewed by the Nominated Supervisor and Management. Suitable candidates should then be called to arrange an interview.  A letter confirming receipt of the application shall be sent to unsuitable applications to inform them that their application has not met with the selection criteria.

Unsuccessful interviewees will be notified as soon as possible by a nominated person on the interview panel and will be followed up with written correspondence if applicable.

The interview process will include a panel of up to three key personnel made up of either:

  • Management representatives;
  • Service representatives;
  • Appropriate school employees.

Selection criteria and interview questions based on requirements for the position will be reviewed prior to the interview date by the selection panel.

The selection panel shall conduct the interview in a professional manner, using questioning techniques to ascertain the candidates’ suitability for the position.  All decisions relating to appointment will be made without regards to any matters other that the individual’s inherent capacity and ability to carry out the position.  Should the panel be unable to agree on a suitable candidate, then further interviews may be required.

Unsuccessful interviewees will be notified as soon as possible by a nominated person from the interview panel followed with written correspondence.

Educators will only be employed (including as volunteers) if, after reasonable enquiries, including reference checks by the Nominated Supervisor (or the Management Committee in the case of employment of the Nominated Supervisor) they are considered/deemed appropriate for the job, as contemplated by the Role and Expectations of Educators Policy (see Policy 8.1).

Suitable candidates shall be contacted by a member of the selection panel to make offer of the available position and to negotiate starting dates and inform of the orientation and induction process.

A written letter of offer will be sent to the successful applicant informing them of the decision.

For candidates in receipt of a Blue card (working with children suitability notice), Amberley OSHC will complete and lodge an application form – Authorisation to confirm a valid card, for candidates not in receipt of a Blue Card (working with children suitability notice), an Application will be completed and lodged with Blue Card Services by Amberley OSHC prior to the candidate starting work.

If the candidate is a volunteer, a working with children Blue Card must be sighted prior to working at Amberley OSHC.

Certified copies of staff qualifications, suitability notices and first aid qualifications will be requested and kept confidentially by Amberley O.S.H.C in individual employee files.

Casual educators may be employed and/or dismissed at the Nominated Supervisor discretion.  The ‘reasonable enquiries’ required for employing casual educators will include (but not be limited to):

  • Requesting an appropriate resume from the candidate, including three professional/character referees;
  • The Nominated Supervisor interviewing the candidate;
  • Contacting at least two referees to check the person’s character;
  • Completion of validation of blue card form;
  • Obtaining a copy of the appropriate qualifications of the person for the relevant job.

Prior to being selected for a job, whether as a paid employee or a volunteer, the person will be given a written job description and terms of employment (for paid employees), Educator handbook and access to a full copy of Amberley O.S.H.C Policies and Procedures.

The successful candidate will be required to sign an employment agreement stating that:

  • They have received and agree to accept the job on the basis of the materials given to them; and
  • Agree to observe strictly the Policies and Procedures of Amberley O.S.H.C, as amended from time to time.

All new educators (including volunteers) will be given an induction session, of at least 2 hours duration, by the Nominated Supervisor or other suitable educator nominated by the Nominated Supervisor, to ensure they are aware of and where relevant, obtains copies of:

  • Their terms of employment or engagement (including role description);
  • Relevant pay award;
  • All Policies and Procedures (including grievance procedures);
  • Information about the philosophy and goals of Amberley O.S.H.C;
  • The Educator Handbook;
  • National Quality Standard for Education and Care Services;
  • ‘My Time, Our Place’ Framework for School Age Care in Australia
  • The physical facilities of Amberley O.S.H.C;
  • The other educators in Amberley O.S.H.C and their roles;
  • The Duty of Care owed by educators of a School Age Care Service to children and others; and
  • Any other matters which are necessary to enable the educator to properly do their job within Amberley O.S.H.C, or which they reasonably wish to know.

The Nominated Supervisor shall, in conjunction with management and educators, review the relevant job descriptions and any other requirements relating to the job, against performance indicators which have been previously agreed upon, at least once each year and shall ensure that any resulting changes to the job description, performance indicators or terms of employment are recorded, and accepted by both parties.

The management committee shall review the job description of the Nominated Supervisor and any other requirements relating to the job against agreed performance indicators, at least once each year and shall ensure that any resulting changes to the job description, performance indicators or terms of employment are recorded, and accepted by both parties.

The Nominated Supervisor and/or the management committee shall ensure that appropriate expert industrial relations advice is sought and obtained as necessary to deal with staffing issues within appropriate legal and industrial standards.


Community Management Solutions. (2013). Workplace Bullying and Harrassment Toolkit guide. Equal employment Opportunity Policy. Queensland, Australia.

Reviewed and Updated 6 May 2014, Reviewed 13 April 2015, Updated 12 May 2015, Updated 5 June 2017

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