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8.14 Employee Online Social Networking

Amberley OSHC acknowledges that employees may access online social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, msn and various chat rooms to interact with friends, family and colleagues.  This policy aims to establish guidelines on the access and outside work usage of online social networking, with the aim of preventing misrepresentations of Amberley OSHC and/or its stakeholders.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Privacy Act 1988 and Regulations 2013
  • Duty of Care
  • NQS Area: 4.3.1; 7.2.3, 7.3.2.
  • Policies: 8 – Anti-bullying, 8.1 – Role and Expectations of Educators, 8.7 – Workplace Harassment and Bullying, 8.9 – Employee Code of Conduct.



‘Social Networking Media’:  refers to any online tools or functions that allow people to communicate via the internet.  This includes, but is not limited to, applications such as:

  • Social networking sites: Facebook and Linkedin;
  • Video and photo sharing websites: YouTube, Flickr;
  • Blogging and micro blogging sites: Twitter and Bebo;
  • All forums and discussion boards;
  • Wiki’s: Wikipedia;
  • E-learning portals (i.e.


Good judgement and common sense must be used to ensure the reputation of Amberley OSHC, its employees and stakeholders are not harmed during the use of social networking media.  Once something is placed online, it spreads quickly and cannot be retracted.

While Amberley OSHC does not wish to control personal private information released outside of work hours, any image, comment or status distributed by an employee that damages the reputation of Amberley OSHC, its employees and other stakeholders, will be treated as a serious breach of this policy and may result in disciplinary action.

When using social networking media, the following guidelines must be adhered to at all times:

  • Children of Amberley OSHC should not be included as ‘friends’ on social networking sites;
  • Offensive comments are not to be made about fellow employees online. This will be viewed as cyber bullying.  Even if comments are not made directly, they may still be viewed indirectly by multiple people;
  • Amberley OSHC name shall not be mentioned in online posts and statuses. This is the best way to ensure that Amberley OSHC’s reputation is safeguarded.  If it is necessary for an employee to speak about their place of employment online, they are to refer to ‘work’ and not to Amberley OSHC name;
  • Work-related problems, tasks and ventures should not be discussed online. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times;
  • Be clear that your personal views are yours, and not necessarily the views of Amberley OSHC management and/or stakeholders;
  • Photos of employees in work uniform are not to be placed online;
  • If anything is posted online by others which may harm the reputation of Amberley OSHC, its employees or stakeholders, and you have the capacity to delete such information, the Approved Provider asks that you do so immediately.

If something potentially dangerous to the image or people of Amberley OSHC is found online, bring this to the attention of the Nominated Supervisor.  This should be done immediately and the information should not be shared with others.

Reviewed and Updated 13 April 2015, Updated 12 May 2015

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