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6.7 Construction Activities And Contractor Safety

We shall ensure that all construction activities are undertaken with consideration to the extra hazards in an environment with children and we shall actively work to ensure the safety of both children and staff. All contractors who work on our site shall be provided with information and instructions to enable them to operate in a safe way.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education And Care Services National Law & Regulations 2011
  • National Quality Standard
  • Queensland Children And Young Workers Code Of Practice 2006
  • Queensland Integrated Planning Act 1997
  • Queensland Building Code – part 22
  • Queensland Work Health & Safety Act 2011
  • Creating Safe Environments For Children national Framework 2005


Construction Activities

All construction activities are undertaken through Education Queensland. Therefore, all risk assessments, inductions and housekeeping rules are to be done by Amberley District State School.

Contractor Safety

All contractors will be appropriately qualified.

All contractors shall sign-in on arrival and sign-out on departure for each visit to Amberley OSHC.

Contractors will be briefed on health and safety rules and any hazards that are present in the workplace.

Contractor will notify Amberley OSHC of any hazards which the contractor may cause.

Contractor will comply with the safety requirements of Amberley OSHC and all applicable laws and standards pertaining to the work undertaken.

All contractors undertaking works within Amberley OSHC during operating hours shall complete a “contractors Agreement Form”.


Construction Activity shall include:

  • Building work under the meaning given by the Integrated Planning Act 1997, Section 1.3.5, including:
    • Building, repairing, altering, underpinning (whether by vertical or lateral support), moving or demolishing a building or other structure; or
    • Work regulated under the Standard Building Regulation 1993; or
    • Excavating or filling that is for, or incidental to “Building Work” or that may adversely affect the stability of a building or other structure, whether on the land on which the building or other structure is situated or on adjoining land; or
    • Supporting (whether vertically or laterally) land for any Building Work
Reviewed and Updated 30 March 2015

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