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4.7 Keeping of Animals

Amberley OSHC recognizes and acknowledges the role that animals may play in the lives of children.  Animals cared for by Amberley OSHC will be in keeping with any regulated requirements with adequate shelter provided.  Children will be given opportunity to share in the responsibility of looking after any animals in care through feeding, watering and/or caring for them on the weekends. Wildlife and stray animals will be dealt with in accordance with this policy.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Duty of Care
  • Check local authority regulations, eg Ipswich City Council by-laws on keeping relevant animals
  • NQS Area: 2.1.3, 2.1.4; 2.3.1, 2.3.2; 3.1.1; 6.1.2; 6.2.1; 7.3.5.
  • Policies: 4.1 – General Health and Safety, 4.2 – Infectious Diseases, 4.3 – Hygiene, 4.4 – Preventative Health and Wellbeing, 9.3 – Communication with Families.


Amberley OSHC will only keep animals:

  • where they are appropriate to the program of Amberley OSHC;
  • If no children and/or educators are allergic to that type of animal;
  • if permitted by local authority regulations, and;
  • if Amberley OSHC has sufficient and adequate space and/or area for the keeping of the animal.

The Nominated/Certified Supervisor will ensure that any animal, which poses a health or safety risk to any child in Amberley OSHC, is safely and responsibly removed immediately.

Hand washing and hygiene procedures will be followed after the handling of all animals, whether it is Amberley OSHC animal or a stray.

Animals cared for by the Service will have plenty of food, water, air, bedding and shelter appropriate to their needs.  Animals will be fed an appropriate and nutritious diet to maintain their health, following recommended guidelines where available.  The animal enclosure and bedding will be cleaned regularly with due consideration to maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

Under the supervision of educators, the children will be encouraged to help with the care of the animals.

Depending on the animal, families and educators may be encouraged to take care for it at home over periods of long weekends and/or service closures.

If any person brings an unauthorised domestic animal into Amberley OSHC, that person shall be advised of the policy and asked to remove the animal from the premises immediately. If they refuse to leave, the Nominated/Supervisor or other senior staff member shall call the Police immediately.

No animals will be permitted in food preparation areas.

Stray animals

In the case of a stray domestic animal (e.g. dog or cat), educators will appropriately remove and restrain it (if safe to do so).  Attempts will be made to contact the owners of the animal (if known) or local authorities for collection.

Stray animals will be restrained in an area away from the children and provided with adequate water.


In the case of a wild animal (e.g. snake, possum, bird), educators will monitor the whereabouts of the animal to ensure it doesn’t pose a risk to children and others.  Attempts will be made to contact local wildlife authorities.

Service evacuation and/or lockdown procedures may be implemented if the wild animal (e.g. snake, possum) is inside the OSHC building or in an area that poses a risk to children and others.

Reviewed 16 March 2015, Updated 12 May 2015

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