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4.13 First Aid Waste Management

Amberley OSHC acknowledges the need to manage first aid waste effectively to prevent cross infection or contamination from waste materials.  Such materials shall include, but not be limited to: Band-Aids, bandages, swabs, cotton buds/balls and ice packs.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Duty of Care
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • First Aid Code of Practice 2004
  • NQS Area: 2.1.1, 2.1.3, 2.1.4; 4.2.1; 7.1.2; 7.3.5.
  • Policies: 5 – Illness and Injury, 4.11 – Emergency Health and Medical Procedure Management, 6.3 – Workplace Health and Safety


A clearly labelled first aid waste bin will be supplied and maintained in the following way:

  • Fitted with a bag that can be sealed and removed each day (if required);
  • Cleaned and sanitised daily (if required);
  • Located in a suitable place that is not readily accessible to children.

Educators shall thoroughly wash hands using specified hand washing procedures before and after implementing first aid.

Educators shall wear suitable gloves to manage incidents of first aid involving waste materials as identified.

When conducting first aid, educators shall:

  • Remove required items to be used to manage first aid from the first aid kit;
  • Place items in/on a non-contaminated dish or surface;
  • Clean the injured area of the person using principles of first aid as per policy/ procedure and training eg wiped with sterile swab etc. (Refer to First Aid Manual/Book);
  • The used swab or like shall be placed in the lined first aid waste bin;
  • Be required to change gloves if changing the type of activity they are managing with first aid eg cleaning to bandaging. These gloves should also be placed in the first aid waste bin.
Reviewed 16 March 2015

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