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10.4 Fees

Amberley OSHC aims to provide a quality service to families at an affordable price.  The Management Committee will set fees based on the annual budget required for the provision of quality childcare in keeping with Amberley OSHC’s Philosophy Statement and other goals, and these Policies and Procedures. Child care benefit is available to all families who meet residency and immunization guidelines.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Australian Government Department of Education Children’s Services Handbook
  • NQS Area 6.1; 7.1.1; 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.4, 7.3.5.
  • Policies: 5 – Excursions Policy,  9.2 – Enrolment Policy, 9.3 – Communication with Families Policy,  10.3 – Budgeting and Planning Policy, 10.17– Strategic Planning Policy


A permanent booking shall be defined by a regular pattern of attendance throughout each term on one or more occasion per week.

Casual Bookings will be phased out by the 30th March 2012. A child can be booked for a casual position after this date if deemed an emergency by the Nominated Supervisor or Certified Supervisor.

Fees will be paid, for all days booked, on the last day of attendance each week to the nominated person e.g. Nominated/Certified Supervisor/administrator.

A statement must be issued by Amberley OSHC for each child receiving Child Care Benefit as reduced fees as per the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Regulations (DEEWR) Child Care Service Handbook. (A copy of which is held at Amberley OSHC for access by parents and other genuinely interested persons).

Accepted payment methods include cash, cheque, eftpos, direct debit or internet transfer.

All monies will be banked on behalf of Amberley OSHC as soon as possible after receipt.

An annual Membership Fee of $30 will be charged per family at the start of each school year or added to the first fortnightly fees from the family’s commencement date.

An annual Building Levy of $25 will be charged per family on the 1st June of each school year or added to the first fortnightly fees from the family’s commencement date.

Childcare Benefit

The Nominated Supervisor will keep parents informed about the availability of Childcare Benefit (CCB) by:-

  • advising all parents of the ability to apply for Childcare Benefit through the Family Assistance Office when the Nominated Supervisor initially meets with parents and also through the Family Handbook;
  • keeping a stock of information brochures available for parents.

Families are required to provide all Centrelink information, as requested on the enrolment form, to be eligible for reduced fees.  Full fees will be charged until Amberley OSHC receives current and correct information from the family.

Credit for fees already paid will be made in accordance with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Child Care Service Handbook.

All CCB records will be kept for 3 years from the last entry on the record in accordance with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Child Care Service Handbook.

Late collection charge

Closing time of this Service is 6.00pm.  Parents who collect their children after this time will incur an administration fee of $10 for every five minutes after 6pm (this is to compensate employees for overtime rates as required by relevant industrial instruments). (Please refer to the Parent Handbook).

 Payment of Fees

Fees are payable fortnightly for all bookings.

Direct Debit, Cheques, Eftpos/Credit Card are preferable or the correct money as change is not always available.

Statements are issued every fortnight on the Thursday, payment is due (in full) by the following Wednesday. An email with the due date will be sent out each Thursday when the statement is issued.

All fees must be paid in full for Before and After School Care before enrolments for the next year will be accepted.

As of 1 June 2015, any Vacation Care bookings for days where there is a scheduled incursion or excursion fees will be charged for the activity regardless of whether the child participates or not.

Overdue Fees

A $10 weekly administration fee will be charged if the current fortnightly fees are not paid in full prior to the issuing of the next fortnightly statement.

Any outstanding payments after the advised due date will result in parents/guardians being contacted on the following Monday and these enrolments will be cancelled from Tuesday.  Enrolments will be recommenced once payment has been received in full.

Families experiencing hardships can apply with proof of hardship and if accepted, an instalment agreement Plan, at the Committees discretion, can be set up Instalment Agreement Plan

 Cancellations and Refunds

There shall be no refunds given for cancellation unless the Management Committee decides otherwise in the sole and absolute discretion of the Management Committee in the particular circumstances.

Cancellations of bookings will be made in accordance with the Bookings and Cancellations Policy (see Policy 2.14) and will incur any relevant fees and charges according to such policy.

Once bookings have been made, there are no cancellations for all Before and After School Care, Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days.

Parental Holiday Leave

Each family is entitled to 2 weeks leave from the centre for holidays, family commitments etc. To redeem these holidays, the family must notify the centre 2 weeks before the starting date of their leave and their place suspended and saved for their return and no charges will apply. If families do not notify the centre 2 weeks in advance they will be charged normal full fees.

In the case of emergencies/hospital/serious illness and 2 weeks notice cannot be given then it will be at the discretion of the OSHC Management Committee.

Policy updated May 2014, Reviewed and Updated 27 April 2015, Updated 12 May 2015, Updated 25 July 2016, Updated 4 September 2017

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