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10.3 Budgeting and Planning

To ensure the effective and efficient management of Amberley OSHC, the Management Committee and Nominated Supervisor shall work together to develop effective and responsible budgetary guidelines for the ongoing operation of Amberley OSHC.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • See your Service’s ‘Constitution’ or ‘Rules’ or ‘Memorandum and Articles of Association’ or equivalent for limitations and role of Management Committee or other governing body
  • Associations Incorporation Act, 1981,(Qld) or Corporations Act, 2001 may apply (eg directors’ duties) to your management committee or board or other governing body. Take expert advice if you are unsure of this.
  • NQS Area: 3.2.2; 6.1.2; 7.1.1, 7.1.3; 7.2.3; 7.3.1, 7.3.2.
  • Policies: 1 – Space and Facilities Requirement, 6.2 – Provision of Resources and Equipment, 8.3 – Recruitment and Employment of Educators, 8.4 – Educator Professional Development and Learning, 10.4 – Fees, 10.17 – Strategic Planning.


Budgets will be prepared in advance by the Nominated Supervisor, in conjunction with the Management Committee and tabled at the next Management Committee meeting for approval.

Budgets will take into account the need for appropriate and adequate employees, facilities, equipment, maintenance and the requirements of Amberley OSHC Policies and Procedures.

Budgets will also take into account the professional development needs of Educators at Amberley OSHC with a yearly allocation for training relating to their job role.

Service budgets will be used in the strategic planning process to ensure allowances are made for major items of expenditure such as replacing computers, resources and/or furniture.

Reviewed 27 April 2015, Updated 19 June 2017

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