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10.29 Hardship and Administration of Special Child Care Benefit

Amberley O.S.H.C. is committed to ensuring that Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) is administered effectively and in accordance with relevant legislation.  The procedures outlined in this policy describe the steps taken to ensure compliance with our obligations as an approved child care service for the purpose of administering SCCB.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Australian Government Child Care Service Handbook
  • NQS Area 7
  • Policies: 10.4 – Fees 10.30 – Conflict of Interest


Amberley O.S.H.C. shall maintain a current copy of the Australian Government Child Care Service Handbook on site.

Special Child Care Benefit

Amberley O.S.H.C. is authorised to administer Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB).

This shall be done in accordance with the legislated requirements requiring that families/parents complete the relevant application form and that the service representative (Coordinator, Director, Administrator) is able to approve in the first instance up to 13 weeks of SCCB for applicants who meet the described eligibility criteria.

In the case of a perceived or real conflict of interest for the service representative, advice will be sought from the Approved Provider in proceeding with the approval or rejection of the application.

Added 2 May 2017

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