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10.27 Licensing, Legislation and Governing Bodies

We shall at all times operate Amberley OSHC in a way that is legislatively compliant.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education And Care Services National Law & Regulations 2011
  • National Quality Framework 2011
  • Office of Early Childhood Education and Care (OECEC)
  • Australian Children Education and Care Quality Authority ACECQA


Implementation of Amberley OSHC’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

Continuously update and improve on policies and procedures to seek a best practice standard.

Develop and maintain regular formal and informal contacts with key regulatory bodies.

Maintain memberships of peak industry body organisations to enable timely and effective access to relevant information.

Attend workshops, conferences, information sessions and professional development to ensure currency of information.

Subscribe to industry journals and websites.

Ensure that all required records are kept in the required format.

Seek regular feedback on compliance and recordkeeping to continuously improve the processes.

Maintain a compliance history log book in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Reviewed 27 April 2015

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