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10.26 Continuous Improvement

We shall ensure that Amberley OSHC has a clear process for continuous improvement and develops a culture that embraces quality systems.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law & Regulations 2011
  • National Quality Standard
  • Guide to Developing a Quality Improvement Plan – ACECQA 2011
  • “Continuous Improvement” program – Synthesis Trainers and Consultants 2012


The process for continuous improvement shall be driven by the staff.

The Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor shall be responsible for developing a continuous improvement process which will include regular reviews of the compliance and quality of current service and educator practices.

All staff will receive training in continuous improvement processes.

All staff will be given regular opportunities to review current processes.

Specific areas, as listed in the National Quality Standards, shall form the basis for targeted areas of improvement.

To comply with regulatory requirements, the Approved Provider will ensure that  a Quality Improvement Plan is prepared for the service that:

  • Includes the assessment of the quality of practices of the service against the NQS and the National Regulations
  • Identifies the areas considered may require improvement; and
  • Contains a statement of philosophy of the service.

The Approved Provider will ensure that the service’s Quality Improvement Plan is reviewed and revised

  • At least annually; and/or
  • When directed by the Regulatory Authority

The Approved Provider will submit the service’s current Quality Improvement Plan to the Regulatory on request.

The goal of the reflective review of current practices will be to identify the:

  • Effectiveness of practice for all children and families;
  • Relevance of the practice to Amberley OSHC and its stakeholders;
  • Equity and fairness of the practice for all children, families and educators.

The information gathered from the review process shall be analysed.

From the analysis, a number of potential improvement options shall be developed.

After consultation, a best option shall be picked.

A Quality Improvement Plan shall be implemented.

Improvement is an ongoing process and Amberley OSHC will actively work towards developing a culture of continuously improving in every aspect of our operations.

Reviewed 27 April 2015, Updated 19 June 2017

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