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10.24 Privacy

Amberley OSHC respects and supports the principles of privacy and confidentiality and complies with the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to information gathered and stored by Amberley OSHC.  Personal information collected may include family, health or medical information however all information gathered is relevant to ensure quality care is provided to the children and families who use Amberley OSHC.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Privacy Act 1988 and Regulations 2013
  • NQS Area: 1.1.4; 2.1, 1.2.3; 2.1.1; 2.3.3, 2.3.4; 4.2.1; 6.1.1, 6.1.3;  6.2.1; 6.3.2, 6.3.3,   7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.1.5; 7.2.1; 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.4, 7.3.5.
  • Policies: 10 – Reporting Guidelines and Directions for Handling Disclosures and Suspicions of Harm, 2.13 – Use of Photographic and Video Images of Children, 3.10 – Observational Recording, 8.3 – Recruitment and Employment of Educators, 8.8 – Employee Performance Monitoring, Review and Management, 9.2 – Enrolment, 9.3 – Communication with Families, 9.5 – Complaints Handling.


Through the procedures of this policy, Amberley OSHC complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) from the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.

Amberley OSHC aims to manage personal and sensitive information in an open and transparent way, with clear guidelines relating to the collection and storage of personal information.

For the purposes of providing child care and in order to fulfil its duty of care to families and children using Amberley OSHC, the following information is collected from parents/guardians through the enrolment process:

  • Full name, address, contact numbers, date of birth and Centrelink reference number for each parent/guardian;
  • Full name, address and contact number of emergency contact nominees;
  • Family cultural information;
  • Children’s medical details;
  • Children’s dietary requirements;

Enrolment forms containing personal information are stored in a secure and confidential storage facility within the OSHC office.  The Coordinator/Approved Provider or their nominated representative shall have access to this confidential information however, in order for Amberley OSHC to provide quality care to each child, permission will be sought to enable the provision of certain information to be shared amongst the educator team.

Personal and sensitive information may be collected throughout the course of providing care to children.

Family enrolment and other personal information can be accessed for the purposes of correcting information held by Amberley OSHC.  Requests must be made to the Nominated Supervisor/Approved Provider and will include verification of the right to access such personal information.

Individuals have the option of not identifying themselves or using a pseudonym when dealing with Amberley OSHC in particular circumstances, such as complaints processes however, this may limit the capacity of Amberley OSHC to effectively deal with issues as a result.

Grievances and complaints relating to Amberley OSHC’s handling of personal information must be in writing and will be dealt with as per Amberley OSHC’s Complaints Handling Policy.

Through the family enrolment process, permission will be sought for personal and private information to be shared with other health and/or medical professionals, if necessary, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of children attending Amberley OSHC.


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Reviewed 27 April 2015, Updated 12 May 2015

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