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10.11 Management Code of Conduct

Amberley OSHC expects that all members of Management shall conduct themselves in such a way that is professional and in accordance with the philosophy and goals of Amberley OSHC.  Management are expected to actively demonstrate a positive attitude towards their role, Amberley OSHC, the employees and Amberley OSHC’s clients. Amberley OSHC requires that all Management abide by the code of conduct at all times during their interaction with children, families, community members, employees and other members of management.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Duty of Care
  • NQS Area: 6.1.2; 7.2.1; 7.3.2, 7.3.4, 7.3.5.
  • Policies: 2 – Role and Composition of Management Committee, 10.8 – Information Handling (Privacy and Confidentiality).


Management shall be provided with a copy of Amberley OSHC’s code of conduct/code of practice or code of ethics prior to commencing their position.

Management shall be expected to read the document and indicate that they have understood all of the conduct requirements by signing the agreement.

Management shall be expected to consistently uphold the agreement during their time with Amberley OSHC.

Breaches to the agreement shall be taken seriously which may result in appropriate action taken on behalf of Amberley OSHC.

Reviewed 27 April 2015

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